Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, interview done. I spoke on the phone with a Herald reporter for about a 1/2 hour yesterday. Very nice woman who seemed interested in the program and understood the need it fills. I was also able to get a few parents to call her and they were even willing to let their children speak with her. I am interested to see what comes of all of this! I am also sitting down this week with a friend and looking at ways to help sustain the program beyond the end of my sabbatical...big task to grapple with. It is clear to me that a key component is supervision of all aspects of the program. And, I believe the type of person doing that should be a teacher (to help appropriately guide the curriculum) but I think parent volunteers and high school tutors are doing and can do an excellent job of teaching the curriculum with that type of guidance :) I also think that the M3 program should be taught in grades 3-5 at least twice a week by a teacher. When I return to my current position, I can continue the after school program with my colleague, manage the high school tutors at my home school and the continue with the website/newsletter at my home school but my guess is that's about all I would have time for. I would love to see all the same programs in all the elementary schools in my district. What does the future hold....always a mystery...but exciting!

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