Friday, April 3, 2009

Grading, grading, grading

A big element of teaching is grading. In some ways I dislike it as I look at a pile of papers to be reviewed and marked. In another way I enjoy it. I enjoy the window into how students think. I enjoy analyzing errors and developing plans to teach my students (both elementary school students and college students). Today I have a pile of pre-tests to grade. I have pre-tested students in grades 3, 4, and 5 and have their pile of tests. I have the pre-tests from 6 tutors in two schools now, as well. I'm thinking I have somewhere along the lines of 50 tests sitting on my kitchen counter. So my pile is.....huge. The M3 program we are using does not have a simple "mark a, b, or c" type test. Rather, tests require students to think and then write about their thinking so the grading is very time-consuming as you try to judge the quality of student thinking based on their writing. To me it's kind of like working out. I hate to get started but am happy and enjoy the process once I'm pumping weights or riding the elliptical machine. Speaking of that, I'd better get on that bike this morning since I'll be sitting a lot today!

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