Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It All Came Crashing Down!

I don't know what happened today! None of the tutors showed up for their sessions so 5 kids were left sitting waiting for their parents to pick them up at school. 6 kids were in tears during the after school program for various reasons. My colleague got sick and had to go home so I was left with 25 students in one room and she had the lesson plans! One of our 1st grade students rode the late bus for 3 hours trying to get home. Don't know what happened there but when I called the bus company they said, "Well if the bus hasn't come it'll be there soon." No comfort to the screaming parent! My computer crashed and I lost our brand new website and newsletter. I knew I should have backed them up. So much work lost. And to top off the day, there was a little accident and my $500 worth of materials the PTO just reimbursed me for got soaked beyond usage. It must be April Fool's Day :) :) :)

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