Friday, April 24, 2009

In the News?

So, I'm very excited that the local paper is running a story on the AMPed (Accelerated Math) program. I'm being interviewed next week as are some of my elementary AMPed students and a couple of our high school tutors. We have our website up and running for AMPed NF, a newsletter that's been published and 3 different AMPed components at one school, two at another. It's all very exciting. I have to admit, tho, that I am a bit trepidacious with these types of things. I know I need to be thoughtful in the interview. I tend to get so excited and ramble on! I mentioned that to my friend who is a producer, has a radio show and has been in the news. She's also one of my yoga buddies. She tells me, "You will be surprised at what they take from the interview and publish. You can't predict!" So I will just let it be what it will be. We have a new and creative school program for kids who are typically "left behind" (capable kids don't need instruction, do they???) despite the national mandate that no child is left behind anymore. If you are highly capable in math and at the elementary level, you are pretty much on your own in a number of states/cities. Teachers try to differentiate (make one math program work for all kids) but they are so busy and the focus tends to be on kids who are struggling given our current testing climate and scrutiny over test scores. With the AMPed program, we now have a lots of ways to teach these highly capable and very grateful kids. I have had many students say, "This is hard and I love it!" Kids and parents enjoy the new program, kids are learning at their level....who doesn't want to hear about all that? :)

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