Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Story Runs!

This Friday, I have been told, the story about our AMPed program runs in the local paper. Hope it's positive! Today I had a great meeting with a 3rd grade teacher at one of the schools I work in. Starting next week both she and I will be teaching AMPed groups during the school day! What's exciting about this is that I now have another excited teacher and she will be using the M3 curriculum during the day! She will do her regular curriculum (Everyday Math) 3 days a week and teach the Project M3 program 2 days a week. We have thoughts of her continuing next year. I'd love to see grades 4 and 5 do the same thing. And, I'd love to see this at all our elementary schools. I have a meeting with a school board member and our assistant superintendent tomorrow. We're looking at how to carry on these programs next year. I think with a little teacher excitement, principal support, lots of parent volunteers, returning high school tutors, and somebody to manage the program (and a chunk of money....I'm starting to look for that!) we may have the beginnings of a really fine accelerated math program (well, at least at 2 elementary schools!). I say, in a district (and state) where there is no money to teach our most capable math students......a program can exist, anyway!

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