Friday, May 22, 2009

School Number 3!

So, I am finally at our third elementary school in my school district. So far I have only worked in 2 schools. I had e-mailed the third school but never heard back so assumed they were busy. Turns out there was an e-mail glitch and the principal never got my e-mails! So, late tho it may be, I am in the third school and it is interesting for me. First, I have begun already in two schools so start-up is easier. Second, I am learning all the time how to train the high school tutors. What worked well today was for me to run the first session with the tutor. I think I need to be more hands-on so they can model after me. I am already looking forward to next year and wonder what will be. At the least I'd like to see the tutoring continue and be able to manage that somehow. Most of it is after school so that is a real possibility :) This sabbatical has been, not to sound trite and I hate trite but my sabbatical has really been! I have felt creative, inspired, I have had fun and have helped others learn and have fun. All the way around it's been a positive and extremely worthwhile experience. As it comes to an end I feel like things have just begun :)

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