Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tutors and Programs!

I am extremely excited that the tutoring component of my sabbatical seems to be taking shape! I have contacted 105 people at the high school by e-mail. No, not really but I have sent a lot of e-mails to any contact anybody gave me. And, I have been waiting impatiently for their responses. I forget, they have busy, busy, full time jobs and I am on...sabbatical :) But, finally and happily, over the past couple of days, some names of high school students who may want to tutor are trickling in and I am AMPed! I have a lot of work to do to get ready for the descent of the tutors, but I am really, really excited.

I also just purchased some of the Project M3 (Mentoring Mathematical Minds) materials that fit with the needs of the most capable of the most capable (not supposed to say GIFTED) math kids. I am thrilled that Project M3 is a research-based program from the University of Connecticut, new, and developed expressely for working with talented math students in grades 3-5. And, most recently, it has been used for after school enrichment! What could be more perfect? I can't wait for my March visit to see how they pull it all together.

The AMP website is also shaping up nicely, thank you very much. Soon students will start writing about our math club activities, posting articles the new website. And, today I am bringing my camera to class so we can start to chronicling our sessions with photographs. Day 9 is shaping up!

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