Monday, February 9, 2009


Day 13: Isn't that a funny word, "tutee"? What else would you call the student a tutor tutors? I just finished writing up my AMP Tutoring Training Manual! I am psyched. Things are moving along very nicely. I have 6 tutors for sure and one more, maybe. It was wonderful today to put a face to the "maybes" and make plans for our first training session. It's turning into one big after school program and, well,that's just the way it is. I have committed to being open to how this will all play out so there you big AMPed after school program. Fine by me. My next step is to get the tutor notebooks ready, do some tutoring myself so I get the feel of it, test kids, review the M3 materials, get parent permissions and do all the administrative paperwork stuff (yuck) so we run smoothly. All the while I want to restructure the after school group sessions so they are more in line with specifically what the students need to learn.

It is really enjoyable to have an idea, get support and then watch as it takes shape. Traditional sabbaticals are periods of time when people are physically away. I think, can't believe I'm writing this, I think I like this better, at least for me, because I'm creating something and that IS who I am if I'm anything. And that this will be a good thing for kids is all the better.

Today when I met with a group of high school prospective tutors, I asked them why they wanted to tutor. One said, honestly, "It will look great in my portfolio for college." He speaks 4 languages and is headed to a military school and wants to stand out. Another said that she loved kids and math. Another student, looked right in my eye and said, "Because I was one of those kids." That's what it's all about!

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