Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 15: M Cubed Descends

I am so excited! Yesterday my M3 materials arrived at school and at home! They look fantastic. I was sitting in the conference room of my home school in the early afternoon, stealing a little table to work at, when I overheard the math consultant tell the grade 1 teachers that she knew of an excellent program for working with kids who are advanced in math....Project M3! Woohoo. We had a nice discussion about how great the materials are. I am very excited to be using a research-based program, specifically designed for the students I am developing programing for.

I also had an excellent meeting with a principal in another school who wants an after school program, a couple of one-on-one high school tutors, and wants me to come over and try out the M3 program with a group of 2nd and 5th graders once a week. We discussed over and over how one of the goals of my sabbatical is to make the program sustainable...that is, to exist beyond my constant nurturing. Her idea was to get a group of parent volunteers to work with accelerated kids during the school day. Excellent idea. I'll see how it shapes up at that school and then may try it at the school I spend most of my time at. I think you could have a parent in charge of the in-school tutoring, a teacher in charge of the after school program and tutoring. I mentioned to that principal that my PTO funds me at my school.

The website, which I am also very excited about, is looking fantastic with the photos I took of yesterday's bubble gum study. We were measuring the size of bubbles. We have photos of students and teachers blowing bubbles, measuring bubbles, taking data, and charting their findings. Can't wait to get kids involved in this and to put it all up on the web.

All in all......every thing is rockin!

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