Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Websites for all Three Elementary Schools!

Photo of our town by JEFF SCHLEGEL

Three websites were launched today! Hooray! I have to edit all of them (why do you immediately see all the problems with fonts and grammar and weird links once they are launched?) and get that edited version online tomorrow but they are launched. Thanks, Ryan and Alan :) Launching websites was one of the last things on my long list of things to do as my sabbatical comes to an end. I still have 3 newsletters to get out by the end of the week but I am almost done teaching. All the after school tutors and after school programs ended some time ago. I miss my daily visits with my high school tutors and look forward to their return next year :)

This has been a long and happy sabbatical. Somebody saw me yesterday at a school where I hadn't been in a couple of years. We spoke for a brief moment and then as she walked away she looked back at me and commented, "You look younger all the time." Haircut and highlights, I thought? Marriage? Maybe all the working out I have done? Nope, I finally realized and responded back at her, "It's what being on sabbatical does to you!"

Check out all our websites (which should be edited by the time you read them :)




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