Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Wow. Yesterday I worked with the very top math students in one of the elementary schools I teach in. The students I worked with yesterday were bright, quick-witted young scholars, perfectly behaved (they were all over the place the first time we met), totally attentive and completely engaged with what I was teaching them. When I taught them what a growing pattern was (12123123412345) they asked what a pattern like 543214321321 would be called. We laughed calling it a shrinking pattern or a reverse growing pattern. They made funny and perceptive jokes throughout the lesson, had a twinkle in their eyes, worked well with their partners....it was so much fun and so rewarding to see them happy and learning and stretching those wonderful minds of theirs.

As I walked away after our session I thought, sponges....these kids are so eager and thirsty for academics at their pace and level that they soak up every last drop of the math I teach them. They gain so much with so little on my part. Hopefully my program will continue to meet the needs of our most capable math students next year. These bright and bored kids deserve it. I know there is talk :)

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