Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post Sabbatical

Well, I think that's it, I'm done, onto the book and then I get an e-mail. Who knows where this will all lead. A group of teachers over at a school want to meet and use the Project M3 materials! Woohoo! I'm up for that. I can imagine one of them supervising the high school tutor who plans to return (and there could be more tutors if they want). I need to get going on the open-source website (Ryan, Gabe let's meet!) where all the materials and websites will be stored...lots to do again!

Sustainability...that's what we're talking about. Honestly, it's so easy to spiral once the district has no money to support the programs I have so lovingly developed, but just maybe there are other ways to work this out that don't involve a lot of money at this point in time. Thinking, thinking.....and staying positive (well, mostly)!

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