Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Things Come to an End

One more day left. What a wonderful experience this has been. The school district tells me, sadly, that there is no money to carry on programs I developed tho we will continue to talk and see what can be pieced together. Interestingly, the school district required that I imagine sustainability of my programs but isn't willing to commit any money or much of my time. I do understand, tho, when schools are in-need (our sped kids are not able to take grade-level tests - duh - so we are in-need) the focus is on kids who are struggling. Capable kids are left on their own, as happens most of the time. I guess nobody feels like they deserve an individualized education - which is such a shame. To my way of thinking, these are the kids who are now left behind.

I will try to get the schools to continue on with the high school after school tutoring - it was so amazing on so many levels - but somebody other than me needs to get excited and put time, effort, and even money behind the excitement. And, I know, unfortunately, everybody is busy and stressed in schools these days. I would love for the websites to continue but, again, somebody needs to step up in the other schools if not just to supervise a high school computer student meeting with elementary kids and managing the websites.

There is talk of using the Project M3 curriculum in the schools and that would be very exciting. It's an excellent program, designed for these kids and could be the curriculum for them after they test out of the math program we use for all kids. I will continue to teach in the after school math enrichment program in some form or other. I have they say...blessed! I am ready to fall back into my old job....I have missed my students! I have come to realize, however, even more fully than I knew while I was drowning in it, how absolutely draining all the paperwork and constant. frequently emotional meetings are in special ed....there really should be another structure. Too much time is spent in a myriad of activities other than teaching! In any event, after a summer of writing, I'm back to my job :) All things come to an end and there are always new and wonderful, unexpected beginnings :) Life is.........exceptional!

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