Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tutoring Spaces, web Sites, Newsletters

Today is the day we start tutoring and I'm excited! No snow, no tutor absences. I think we are good. The elementary kids were all chatty about it yesterday at school. What has been of interest to me is trying to find spaces to have the kids tutor in. Now, in some cases it is one very bright high school student, maybe two quietly tutoring another bright student. All we need is a corner of the room. What a difficult task that has been! To my surprise, some teachers don't want the kids (their own kids) in their rooms, ever. Several other teachers have welcomed us with big, open arms. You learn so much when you do things like this.

We have also been working steadily on our website and I think it's going to be fantastic. One teacher, a former computer teacher, has been very helpful, meeting almost every Tuesday for consultation/help. Having the kids involved is definitely the way to go. We are also making a companion newsletter to hand out to everybody in school. Things are looking good!

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