Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week 1 Summary - AMPed

Franklin the Robot is AMPed

So, week one, short as it was, is over, done. I feel like I was a little scattered (created 3 new blogs) and didn't work out at all but I was, nonetheless, productive and wrote a lot. I seem to be on the computer frequently (long days, working into the night) but producing a lot, as well. Most importantly, I made a huge outline of what I need to do. This is my guidepost.

I am awaiting e-mails from people across the state and from within my own school district. Next Tuesday I have an appointment to work on a website I'm designing for the accelerated math program (the reason I have my sabbatical).It's with a 5th grade teacher who used to be a computer teacher. In preparation for that meeting, I hopped on my Mac and looked around. Finding a web template, I started creating the "welcome" page. It was much easier that I thought it would be. Click on this, move this there, and voila....a Welcome page. Last year in the after school enrichment program I help run, we built a Lego robot and named him, Franklin. I am including pictures of Franklin on the website. I imagine the website will eventually be run by students, under my supervision. Students will be responsible for articles, photographs and unique/intriguing math activities, facts and wonders. I'm thinking we will publish on a regular basis. I would like to have a hard copy newsletter if that works into the overall plan.

I also came up with a name for all of this madness...AMPed.... Accelerated Math Program. Kind of a clever little acronym, don't you think? Each AMPed student will have an AMPup......Accelerated Math Program unique plan (kind of like and IEP, indiidualized educational program, we create for special education kids). It's catchy. My husband imagines kids wearing t-shirts with AMPed spelled out across the front. I like it. What ever will week 2 bring? Hopefully a plan to get the mentors in place and a form to help profile prospective students. And, at the risk or sounding like a corn dog, I do feel pretty amped up at this point!

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