Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Two

Day Two! I had dinner with my friend last night. She is in an intensive writing course and has been on sabbatical for some time. She gave me some good advice. One thing she told me was that this will all go by quickly. I know that and am trying to enjoy every moment, be open and present (and all that yoga stuff) each and every day which is why I publish this blog. I know it will keep me in the moment. My husband's ex-sister-in-law has also given me good advice about working at home. She tells me to remember to exercise and wear my tight jeans so I'm not prone to nibbling all day long on chips or cookies :) Got it! And she advises that I be careful of surfing. I get that, too. I actually have some rules for myself. I get up at 6:00 and shower. I can blog for a bit after that but then I get down to work. I am supposed to stop at lunch time for a break (and can blog then or answer e-mails). Then I work again until 3:00 or so. We have a friend who goes to Bequai every winter but continues to work. His strategy is to work all morning and be free from noon on. I want to work more than that but the point is, to be productive, you have to have a plan. I think I do at this point.

Here are the books I've laid out and leafed through. A copy of my sabbatical proposal, articles on gifted education, addendum to the New Hampshire Curriculum Framework. I sent a bunch of e-mails yesterday to people about meeting with me so I can see what kinds of programs are out there. Next week I will contact the other schools in my district and set up appointments to see if they want me to help them out. If not, that's fine, too. I got on the NAGC website (the national gifed association) for guidelines in developing solid programs for kids who are highly capable (gifted - but my district doesn't want me using that term - that's a whole other topic). Turns out Nashua has an exemplary program and I hope to visit!

Off to another day. Exciting, a little overwhelming, full of a lot of sitting. I will make sure and exercise today, wear those tight jeans and work, work, work.

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