Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frist Day!

Dawn, breaking just outside my back door on the first day of my sabbatical! Here I am, at home, at 7:39am. How strange.....On a typical Thursday morning I am either in a meeting, talking with a colleague, planning my day or working on paperwork. Yikes, I think as I sit at my kitchen table staring at my blank computer screen! I have 7 months, including summer, to work on my program for kids who excel in math at the elementary level. How will I construct my time? How can I make this time worthwhile? How can I look back and say, "Great job, Joy!"

My job today is to start the big plan and sketch out the next 5 school months. I am excited and ready to go. I am grateful to my brother for all his support, always, and to my husband who suggested I take the sabbatical in the first place. It took 3 tries but now, here I am. My husband is always there for me, encouraging me, supporting me. I thank both of these men for their faith in me, it inspires me!. " Get up at 6:00am tomorrow morning," my husband told me as we went to bed last night. And I did! Thanks also, to my girlfriends who have been so supportive (especially MIss Celine my teaching buddy)......and, here I go!

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  1. You go girl! Hi everyone...I'm the cool bro.

    Joy, this is all great but I LOVE that picture! Really fantastic. You need to use that in a piece of art.

    I love you! Keep working hard, don't get distracted, stop playing Olivia and get CRACKING!