Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Three - Possibilities of Project M3

Well, another productive day! I found a program that will probably work very well in the after school program and should work equally as well for the mentoring/tutoring sessions. I have a call in to the author of the Project M3 (Mentoring Mathematical Minds) math program at the University of Connecticut. Project M3 was program designed for students who are gifted in mathematics and in grades 3-5. I spoke with Kathy in the author's office for sometime - she was very knowledgable and encouraging. I It seems...perfect! I may go visit how they use the program after school, something they have just started (the program was designed as a curriculum for gifted kids during the school day). I am very excited.

And, tomorrow I get some of my own tutoring on how to build a website. That's exciting,too. And, I have sent an e-mail to the high school about working with the math department to get the tutors. All in all, a great day! And, I found time to workout this morning!


  1. Hopefully this post works. I had NO idea what you did, I'm getting it and enjoying your progress. Keep up the work, the positive work, which this world so desperately needs.

  2. Hey Sista Outlaw! Thanks for the post. It's nice to know somebody enjoys all my musings.....